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Thomas Wictor


Apr 01, 2013

So I started all over a third time. I had to postpone the publicity campaign for two months, then I hired a third Web designer to do this site and a fourth to do the permanent site. The second Web designer had a great portfolio and client list. She expressed sympathy for my first screwing, and we signed an elaborate contract. She then proceeded to miss every single deadline she set out for herself. After the last deadline passed and she'd showed me no design concepts or uploaded any of my content, I told her I was now going to find a third designer. She begged for a second chance, which I had to give her due to time constraints, and then she failed to meet the new deadline. Her excuse was that she was too ill to work, but during this time she was going out to expensive restaurants, throwing parties, and preparing gourmet meals. How do I know that? Because she posted all the photos online, the idiot.

Here's some links to them.

Just kidding! I'd love to identify her, though. Send me an e-mail and I'll tell you her name.

No, don't. You might be her lawyer. At least I got my money back. I sicced VISA on her, and they don't kid around.