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Thomas Wictor


Apr 02, 2013

It was successful. She's getting chemotherapy and will finish with radiation. Her chances are relatively good. She's eighty-five, but the doctors say they wouldn't have operated if they didn't think she couldn't make it. Tim visits her twice a day in the hospital, where she's been for about six weeks now. She and Dad were diagnosed with cancer on the same day, January 16, 2013.

Mom doesn't like people to see her when she's ill, so I talk to her on the phone every few days. Since she went into the hospital, I've had three major falls in my house. First I fell in the bathroom, then at my desk, and then by my bed. I've been nearly killed by a toilet, an office chair, and a scanner. When I tell Mom about my latest mishap, she laughs and apologizes.

Scott Thunes said that if I were killed by a toilet, it would be the perfect ending to our relationship. Personally, I think the perfect ending to our relationship would be if Naomie Harris made love to me until I died of old age, while Scott lived on as a bassist and author for another 248 years.