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Thomas Wictor


Sep 04, 2013

After nine months and five Web designers, two massive ripoffs, and one disappointment after another, the Website I always wanted is finished and will go live in a few days. I wasn't aware that I had to load all the content myself, so I spent almost seventy-two hours doing so during the Labor Day weekend.

The designers didn't follow my directions, of course, but I've learned that it's simply not possible to get people to do what you want. I don't know when this change in business ethos happened. For example, if you hired me to ghostwrite a book for you and gave me an outline, I'd follow that outline to the letter.

But remember: I'm a failed music journalist and a failed military historian. I'm probably about to become a failed author too. What do I know about how to do things? It doesn't matter. My father made sure that I don't have to worry about my future, so everything I publish from now on will be strictly what I want to publish.

This Website will be switched over to my dot-net domain name, and I'll have links to it from the dot-com site.

The good thing about the other Website is that I'll easily be able to add books, videos, and galleries to it. Though it isn't exactly what I wanted, it'll do. I ran out of gas. At some point you have to start husbanding your resources for more important battles.

At least ADMIN site for the Extravagumbo isn't in Portuguese.

I got used to this little site. I'll miss it.